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How to Find Courage to Face Your Fear

Seek out the “uncomfortable” places, not just what’s convenient for you. Outside your comfort zone are where others need you the most. (Bo Sanchez)
Before I said goodbye to 2016, I decided, declared, and committed once again to jump outside my comfort zone. And boy did I jumped this year!
2017 has been an amazing year of execution, exploration, and experimentation. It’s been a year of saying “yes” and doing the things I never imagined myself doing. It’s been a year of jumping, diving, tip-toeing, and dancing into my courage zone.
My three biggest fears are speaking in front of a crowd, meeting strangers, and reaching out to people.
This year, I’ve spoken in front of more than 500 people in separate events. I sent “cold messages” to friends, relatives, acquaintances, and even strangers to offer my coaching service. I reached out to someone whom I just met and got to know online and hired her as my life coach. I asked questions. I said “yes” to meet-ups. I volunteered my time and services. And these have opened doors for opportunities to do meaningful works aligned with my purpose and mission.
Are my fears completely gone now? Definitely not!
Am I now gung-ho in speaking in public, meeting strangers, and reaching out to people? That would be a “NO” as well!
However, the more I show up and do the things that bring out these fears, the more I get courageous, confident, and comfortable with these fears. My “uncomfortable” then becomes “somewhat comfortable” now.

So what is the secret to having the courage to face my fears and take those small and big steps outside my comfort zone?

It’s because of my WHY.
My life’s purpose is to be my most authentic self and live an inspired life. It’s such an amazing feeling whenever I am able to express my truest self  and follow my own path. And because of this, I also envision this sense of fulfillment for others. This vision drives my WHAT, which is to create and hold space for others so they can love themselves wholly and live their lives fully.
It’s because of my WHY that I am now speaking in front of crowds so that I can share my story and be a messenger, a companion, and a guide. I am now meeting with strangers and reaching out to people first so that I can surround myself with the right kind of people who could help me grow and be a better version of myself, as well as to open myself for opportunities to serve.
It really all comes down to your PURPOSE, your BIG WHY.

When you know your purpose, then you now have a burning reason to face your fears and get out of your comfort zone.-- Jostine Bulan -- (1)

Instead of pushing yourself, you are now being pulled by something bigger than yourself. You cannot help but follow that pull. That pull is your purpose, your vision, your mission. Above all, that pull is your fuel to ignite your courage and brave through your fears.
So my invitation to you is to be clear on your big WHY. Let your WHY determine your WHAT. And then the HOW will follow.
To getting outside your comfort zone!
The Why Statement is the simplest way to codify your calling. It is a sentence that clearly expresses your unique contribution and impact in the world.
[…] spelling it out for yourself will turn it into an even more powerful tool. When you put words to your WHY, you gain clarity and direction to find the work, relationships, and organizations in which you feel most fulfilled. (Simon Sinek)

Embracing the Space of In-Between

October has been challenging for me.

After launching my book, Thank Goodness I Got Lost!, in September, I felt content and at peace. Finally, this life-long dream of writing and publishing a book has been realized!

Now that I have crossed this off my Life List, I found myself asking, “now what?”

I felt compelled to figure out what is the next project that awaits me. People around me asked if I’m already writing my next book. And following my peers, I wondered what business would I build around my book.

I have no clear answer. And this greatly unsettled me.

Once again, I felt like the people around me are being awesome and they are doing amazing things, while I am at home, choosing to rest and (trying to) get comfortable with the space in-between that is full of uncertainty and not knowing.

Once again, I felt like I’m not living my life fully, purposefully.

Once again, I felt like I’m being left behind and not progressing as swiftly as I would have liked. (Read: should have)

What the heck? How can I hope to inspire, encourage, and empower others when I am not being the best me that I can be and living the best life that I can live?!

As the world continued on spinning, as the people around me got busy with their own work and creative pursuits, I felt a need to create, to produce, and to do something. Anything!

I felt a need to bring something out into the world again.

And for what? To feel accomplished? To feel valued? To feel like I’m doing something worthwhile with my life?

Is my self-worth dependent upon the work that I do?

Is my greatness — my value — dependent upon how busy and productive I am?

Am I not living fully and purposefully when I am not doing anything?

These questions kept me grounded in times when I felt like succumbing to my downward spiral because I felt like I’m not doing and progressing fast enough.

It helped me not to get caught in the so-called “achievement trap.”

Taking a deep breath, I allowed myself to feel the frustration, the jealousy, the envy.

I acknowledged the voice of my small, insecure self.

“I hear you,” I said. “I hear you.”

It’s ugly. It’s unbecoming. It’s a few steps backward.

And that’s okay.

Sometimes, we need to take a few steps backward for us to be able to continue onward.

Take a moment each day to pause, disconnect, be still, be silent, and go inside yourself. Listen to what your Spirit is saying and trust that it knows what you truly need, what's good fo

As of writing this post, I still don’t have the answer. I still don’t have any idea what’s next for me. But the difference is that I am now at peace with this space of in-between.

I’ll even go further and say that I am now fully experiencing where I am right now because I know that this is not a “nothingness” but a necessary period of gestation.

And as if being at peace no matter what is happening (or not happening) is the magic key — it is actually — the next steps are being revealed to me as I steadily continue on my journey and discovery.

How about you? How do you navigate this space of in-between? Let me hear in the comments below.

For now, I send you lots of Peace, Love, and Light as you continue on your life’s journey (and perhaps, your own space of in-between).



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September Awesomeness!

September is now gone. Before I fully say goodbye to my birth month, I would just like to pay homage by sharing with you the best lessons I received during this awesome month.

Accepting and loving people as they are, while still challenging them to see their potential.

21742334_1500890076657404_1122672564_oI am very blessed to be a part of the Institute for Integrality’s pool of Life Skills Trainers for this year’s JobStart Philippines Program. It was my first time handling a class of 43 students, for a whole day, for 10 days! (And most of them are males!)

If you know me, this is so outside of my comfort zone!

I’ve grown a lot during this 10-day training. But the biggest lesson I learned in this experience is how to truly accept and love people as they are. That they don’t need to change for me to truly love and accept them. At the same time, still challenge them to see their potential and hold them accountable to the person that they are becoming — their very best selves.

I guess this is the lot of someone in the industry of helping people. The irony in this kind of work is that we cannot really change someone. We can only help as much as how the other person is committed to helping himself or herself.

Change should come from them. We are only here to help, support, guide, and show them the possibilities of what could be. But they have to take those steps themselves.

I’m so grateful to have this experience because it really tested my resolve in the path I chose. Even though it was challenging and stressful, I can resolutely say that I still very much want to continue walking this path I am on.

Thank you, my dear Tribu Singko, for this very special gift you all have given me!

Being open to God’s leading and intervention, trusting that all is well and things will work out in the end. 

21765552_10155759804324138_4958371527629525966_oOn September 23rd, I finally launched my book, Thank Goodness I Got Lost! But would you believe me if I say that up to the final week before the book launch, I’m still finalizing the lay-out of TGIGL? Seriously, that’s cutting it real short, folks!

I had to let go of some things for TGIGL because I chose to not be stressed during these last phase of book writing and publishing.

I chose to surrender and trust that God is working in the background. That somehow, someway, things will work out in the end. In my mind, all is well and all these are already done. And it did!

No, it’s not perfect by any chance. There are some things I wish I could have done and could change. But these are things I could do later on.

For the purpose of birthing and putting my message out into the world — all turned out perfectly as is.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to realize two of my unchanging dreams: to write and publish my own book, and to help even just one soul while I’m still alive!

Thank you, Sha Nacino for creating the 90-Day Book Writing Challenge! Joining this program has jumpstarted this new chapter in my life. And for that, I am forever grateful!

Saying “yes” to opportunities, even if you think you are not yet ready.

22281235_1480607328699231_1420456411_oIt’s the last week of September. The LST and book launch are done. I thought that’s it for me for September.

Imagine my surprise when the evening of the book launch, I received a text message from my friend and mentor asking about my schedule on September 27th to 29th!

Turned out that she was not feeling well. She was looking for someone to replace her to be one of the trainers for a company training. And she thought of me! (Oh dear…)

I know I wasn’t ready. I don’t know if I have what it takes. But even then, I decided to go for it.

Why? Because I decided that this year, I’m going to build my “yes” muscles and show up when Life invites me to show up.

Even if my voice is quivering, my heart is racing, and my stomach is twisting and turning – I’ll say “yes” anyway, if I feel a pull towards that opportunity.

And just by saying “yes,” I’m broadcasting to the Universe that I’m ready to receive more, grow more, and experience more. And the Universe responds accordingly!

Again, special thank you to my friend and mentor, Sha, for believing in me and trusting that I can do it.

This ends my homage to the amazing September that passed. I look forward to more amazing things God has in store for me in the days to come!

How about you? Would you like to pay homage to September?

Share them in the comments below. I would love to celebrate your wins with you. 😉

Peace, Love, and Light!



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