Are you feeling pulled to answer the bigger call of Life?

Do you feel like there is more to the life that you’re living right now?

Perhaps you’re even feeling a little lost or stuck.

Like nothing is making much sense right now.


My love, you are not alone.


I believe that this unrest that you’re feeling is an invitation to answer Life’s bigger call!

Will you say YES to the invitation to Love Life, Live Life, and Serve Life? 

Calling for VIPs

“VIP” stands for Very INSPIRING Person.

And that’s YOU for saying YES to the bigger call of Life!

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By giving you free resources and tools for your personal growth and transformation, my hope is that you’ll feel empowered to embark on your great life adventure.

You don’t have to go through this journey alone.

Hello, Beautiful Shining Soul!

My name is Jostine. I journey with individuals who are called to answer the bigger call of Life. 

I believe that we all have a role, a part, a contribution to make as Co-Creators with Life. To birth a brighter and better world for us and the generations to come. 

How this looks like will be different for each individual. My work is centered around helping you in following your own path, honoring your unique timing and pacing, and living your life’s one-of-a-kind journey.

We are all called, but not everyone is willing and ready to answer the call.

If you’re here reading this, then you are ONE of the many who are willing and ready to say YES.

But here’s the thing…saying YES to the bigger call of Life is the easy part.

The challenge comes in showing up every single day of our lives in our Authenticity, Alignment, and Contribution. 

Not only will you have to contend with the many challenges you’ll be facing in your outer world. You also have to face your inner demons, your shadows, your darkness. 

This is where I come in. I’m here to help you move through your inner barriers, so you could move into action with greater clarity, courage, and commitment for your chosen path.

It’s not an easy journey. But my love, I promise you, it will be totally worth it!

When I opened your message, I remembered our meeting. A lot has happened since! I remember that my goal was to explore different career paths (and I did!)...I think I'm in the right career path now. I like that there's a lot more room to grow in this industry, and I feel more alive and FREE! If you remember during our conversations, I mentioned that "freedom" is very important for me. I'm glad that I was brave enough to quit my job two years ago, because I wouldn't be here now if I didn't. And I just want to THANK YOU, Jostine, for being there when I badly needed clarity. The things I learned about myself during our conversations helped me let go of fear and simply TRUST the process.
Emilie M.
FREElance Extraordinaire

What if getting lost in life is part of the journey?

Life is full of uncertainties. Sadly, we did not come to this world with a map and a guideline on how to navigate our lives.

Are you feeling:

  • lost and uncertain about where your life is going?
  • stuck in a rut because you don’t know how to move forward?
  • like a screw-up and a lost cause for not knowing what you want to do with your life, yet?


In Thank Goodness I Got Lost!, you get to go on a journey with me as I revisit different moments in my life, which made me realize that getting lost in life is actually a precious gift.

Questions? Send me a message at