2 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself at the Start of the Year

The start of a new year always seems to bring with it this magical energy of wanting to have new beginnings, create new habits, let go of old lifestyle, take on new goals, and over-all being a new person.

Have you made your new year’s resolution yet? If yes, that’s awesome. If not, that’s cool.

I, myself, have long stopped creating new year’s resolution. Instead, I have a more in-depth ritual of taking stock of the year that has passed, connecting with my Spirit, and allowing Inspiration to guide me.

Instead of writing down what I want to change or what goals I want to pursue, the questions I ask myself are:

What is it that I most deeply desire to create in my life this year?

What is it that I most need to create and manifest in my life to help me get to the next level?

And the answers I get from these questions help me craft the theme and guiding principles for this year, at this moment in my life. These helps me gain more clarity and direction on my next version of myself and the paths I am choosing to explore.

I found this process to be extremely helpful in simplifying my life and living more effortlessly.

It may take some time and practice. It will require of you to spend time with yourself in prayer, meditation, silence, and stillness.

The answers you are seeking are already inside you. All you need to do is listen to your Spirit, your Inner Being, that voice of God within you. Allow that small, still voice to come forth and reveal the answers to you. Mind that this could be difficult because our monkey minds and our ego could get in the way.

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In any case, I invite you to try this exercise yourself at the start and end of each day and see what comes up for you:

  1. Go to a place where you wouldn’t be disturbed.
  2. Gently close your eyes and take 3 long and deep breaths.
  3. Imagine yourself connecting with your Highest Source (you may call it God, Creator, Universe, or whatever you believe in).
  4. Then imagine yourself connecting with the earth and all the life all around you.
  5. Put your hands over your heart center and again take 3 long deep breaths as you imagine yourself connecting with your Spirit, your Inner Guide, your Highest Self.
  6. If it will help you, imagine that your Spirit is sitting in front of you, smiling with eyes full of unconditional love and joy and peace and light.
  7. Now, ask your Spirit these questions:

Dear Spirit, what is it that I most deeply desire to create in my life this year?

Dear Spirit, what is it that I most need to create and manifest in my life to help me get to the next level?

  1. If you so wish, you may instead use the following to address him/her: Inner [Your Name], Inner Guide, Highest Self.
  2. Now release the question and just listen. But don’t force yourself to come up with an answer. Allow your Spirit to reveal the answers to you.
  3. If nothing comes up, that’s totally okay. Just let it go and say, “Thank You” to your Spirit.

Repeat this exercise until you receive an answer or so long as it feels good for you to do so.

And remember to approach this exercise with a spirit of playfulness and exploration. Just see if this resonates with you or not. If it does, great! If not, totally cool!

Please share what comes up for you in trying this exercise on the comments below. I’m looking forward to reading them.

A Blessed and Abundant 2018 to us all!

Much love,



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