30 Ways to Deepen Your Gratitude Practice

Before I share the list of 30 things you can do to deepen your gratitude practice, is it okay if I share with you a quick story first?

One evening, I received a message from my sister. She sent me some links for job ads. Because she’s currently looking for a job, I thought that she was sharing these job ads so I can celebrate with her for finding these.

Here’s how I replied to her message, “Yahoo!! Synchronicity!! The Universe got your back!!!”

I was so happy and excited for her…only to find out later on that she actually sent the job ads for me! 

So funny! But also, it got me reflecting…

How often does God orchestrate these synchronicity in our lives and we missed seeing them as opportunities for us? 

This is actually one of the reasons why I want to go even deeper with my gratitude practice. 

Sometimes, I get caught up with projects and deadlines and to-dos …that I forget to pause and just be present in the moment.

Sometimes, my mind is filled with worries about the future and revisiting past decisions…that I missed seeing the gifts of today. 

Sometimes, I give in to my laziness…that I deliberately forego doing my rituals to stay centered, grounded, and aligned. 

Setting the intention to deepen my gratitude practice is my way of re-connecting to what’s truly essential for living fully and loving wholly. 

So then, what does “deepening one’s gratitude practice” really means? 

Simply put, it is finding new ways of expressing gratitude in our daily lives.

It is going beyond merely feeling gratitude by embodying it as a way of life. 

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And without further ado, here’s a quick guide on how you can deepen the practice of gratitude into your own life:

1. Say “thank you” as often as possible

2. Give thanks to the things, experiences, and events that you usually take for granted (e.g. waking up, eating a meal, your body, your job, your family, for finding a parking lot, for arriving at work on time, etc.)

3. Focus on what’s right

4. Look for the hidden blessings in difficult situations

5. Honor other people

6. Send hand-written “thank you” cards or letters

7. Appreciate your family just as they are

8. Pray for someone

9. Dedicate a moment to someone (e.g. dedicating a meal for those who don’t have any food to eat)

10. Live as if everyday is your last 

11. Leave a trail of happiness and positivity

12. Be willing to embrace what shows up

13. Find the extraordinary in the ordinary

14. Take time to “smell the roses”

15. Turn “expectations” into “no matter what”

16. Do an act of loving service to someone

17. Pay it forward

18. Volunteer and do charitable works

19. Do something for someone, anonymously

20. Teach gratitude to young kids

21. Expand your gratitude circle (e.g. when giving thanks for a meal, include all the people who worked for that meal to be brought to your table)

22. Leave random “thank you” notes at places you visit

23. Have a gratitude buddy or community (i.e. have someone to share what you’re grateful for and vice versa)

24. Create something, instead of buying someone a gift

25. Treat someone

26. Give thanks and honor your ancestors

27. Thank your past self

28. Write yourself a “thank you” letter

29. Practice awe and wonderment, especially in the ordinary

30. Create space for what’s coming (i.e. let go of something that you’ve been holding onto, but is not serving you anymore)

Hope you’ll find inspiration from this list! And please do come back here to share how it went for you.

ps. Looking for more ways to deepen your gratitude practice? Check this out!

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