5 Things Making Me Happy During Quarantine

It’s always a challenge to find things that could uplift our spirits during difficult times. Although being in quarantine is meant to help us stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic, it does pose a challenge in our physical and mental health. This is why, I became even more intentional in finding ways to be happy, healthy, and sane during quarantine.

1. Moving my body

Multiple studies have shown that being active does not only benefit our physical wellness, but it is also beneficial for our mental wellness. In terms of helping our over-all wellness and keeping us happy, the type of physical activity doesn’t really matter. What matters more is that you’re having fun while doing the activity.

Personally, I set the intention to move my body for 5-minutes a day as a baseline. But most days, I enjoy doing a set of about 30-45 minutes of warm-up dance, bodyweight high intensity interval training (HIIT), and full body stretches.

Moving my body every single day does not only make me happy during quarantine. It’s also keeping my immune system healthy and strong, which is very crucial since our immune system is our first line of defense against the virus.

2. Experimenting in the kitchen

Fun personal trivia. When I was deciding on what course to take after dropping out of my first college, I can only see myself working in the kitchen as a pastry chef.

Life led me to a different path along the way and I found myself losing interest in cooking and baking. But being quarantined helped me find the joy in experimenting in the kitchen once again.

I get excited looking for different recipes that I could try. And at least once a week, I cook a new dish and have fun doing it, even if the dish flopped! The joy, for me, is in the creating and experimenting. It’s another way for me to express my creativity, which makes my creative soul very happy especially during quarantine.

3. Disconnecting from Facebook

I can’t even remember the last time I checked my Facebook account! It’s been months of silent bliss, away from the noise of being online. I couldn’t be happier that I listened to the pull to disconnect from Facebook (and limit my time being connected in the outside world and online).

To be honest though, I did feel guilty at first. I suddenly “disappeared” from Facebook and I imagine that some of my friends may be getting worried about what’s going on with me. I also consider Facebook to be one of the platforms where I’m able to make my contributions in making this world brighter, so to stop doing that felt like I was abandoning my mission.

On the other hand, this was not the first time that I felt a pull to disconnect temporarily from the world. The gifts I received in those occasions were something that helped me step into a new way of being and living my life. And so, I am trusting the inner knowing that this is a necessary part of life’s unfolding. All for my highest good and benefit. And the highest good of all.

4. Making time for stillness and silence

Spending time alone in stillness and silence is very important for me. It is an essential time for me because this is when I am able to connect with Life and just BE. That in each and every moment, I can choose to be happy during quarantine.

In stillness and silence, I am able to center and ground myself. This is very much needed as I was feeling the heaviness in the air as the pandemic worsens and the dismantling of broken systems arises.

As the noise all over the world gets louder and louder each day, I continue to cultivate my joy and peace within. As I cultivate my joy and peace within, I am able to share this energy to all beings and show up to channel God’s work in this world as I am being called.

5. Loving what is

When I said yes to living my life fully, I am saying yes to God’s invitation to fully trust and surrender. Even when I didn’t understand why I am being led to a particular path, I trusted the pull of Spirit. I trusted in the inner knowing that no matter what, I am divinely guided and protected. Always.

It has not been an easy journey. It’s like riding in a never-ending roller coaster ride. Talk about being high and low and upside-down! But over the years, I’ve been led to embody peace, no matter what is happening and not happening in life. (Not to say that I am able to fully embody peace, but it’s a daily choice to make.)

As much as this pandemic has been a real test for everyone, it also served as an invitation for us to accept what is happening to be what it is. Love what is as it is. So we can fully engage with Life in a positive and constructive way. Much easier said than done. But this is one of the lessons I’ve been led to learn at this time.

How about you? What is helping you during this pandemic? What are the things making you happy during quarantine? Feel free to share in the comments. I look forward to reading them.

Peace, Love, and Light!

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