A call to pause, suspend judgment, and listen to understand

We are not privy to the stories behind people’s actions, so we should be patient with others and suspend our judgment of them, recognizing the limits of our understanding of them.

Epictetus, translated by Sharon Lebell

This message came through to me, wanting to be shared to the community:

Spirit is telling me to be righteous and kind.

There may be many unfair people in this world — people who do you wrong and people who hurt other people — but still, be righteous and kind.

We are all called to love our neighbors and love our enemies. It does not mean we condone their actions. But it does mean that we suspend judgment and see where they are coming from.

Hurt people hurt other people. If we allow their actions to sully our reactions, then we are entering the cycle perpetuating discord, hate, and people hurting other people.

But if we come from a space of love, empathy, and kindness, then we are opening the channels for conversation to happen.

And maybe, just maybe, we can break the cycle one open, loving, and respectful conversation at a time.

End of message.

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