Lover of Life. Wanderer. Agent of Light.

Hi! My name is Jostine.

A Lover of Life. A Wanderer. And an Agent of Light.

I’m here to help you create and hold space for yourself, so you can freely explore who you really are at your core and allow your true Self to emerge.

Curious to hear how it all began?

No worries, love! I got you…

My Story

My life began when I decided to die.

It was July 2005. A weekend.

I was alone in the apartment that I was sharing with friends in college.

I remembered the tears.

The gripping pain within. Suffocating and slowly killing me.

I could still feel the cold metal blade on my wrist.

My mind committed to end it all. Swiftly. Instantly.

So I don’t have to experience dying oh so slowly ever again.

But then, a small still voice within told me,

“Just hold on for one more day. Just hold on.”

And so, even as pain gripped me, I listened to that voice.

I held on for one day. And another. And another.

Until the day came that I didn’t need to hold on anymore.

In deciding to live my life anew, I did end up killing myself.

My old self that is.

Questioning my existence at such a young age, I didn’t know that I have opened myself to go on an intentional journey of personal growth and transformation.

Or, is it that I was led to question Life at such a young age because this has always been the path of my soul’s evolution? Was this the contract that I signed before I even came to earth?

The answer could be a yes to either.

But I have no need to know the answer.

I’m choosing to hold the space for both.

What truly resonates with me is that I feel this strong pull to Love Life, Live Life, and Serve Life.

I’m choosing to say YES and follow that pull until the day my body takes its last breath.

(And maybe, even beyond that. Who knows what really comes after this earthly life, right?)

My Why

In questioning my reason for being, I was led to the realm of personal growth and transformation.

The desire to find meaning and purpose turned into a soul-deep passion for answering the call of my life. Whatever that call may be.

In trying to find my purpose, I realized that it’s not so much as finding our purpose. Rather, it is allowing what’s already inside us to come forth.

Hidden in the many layers of our conditioned selves is the Self who has been created and envisioned by the Divine.

Planted in our Being are the visions wanting to be expressed and lived through us.

In my quest of discovering, uncovering, and recovering my highest and truest Self, the pull to share my journey in hopes to help others in their own journey emerged.

My Offering

I don’t really resonate with identifying myself and what I do in a confined and limited “career” or “professional title.”

What I most resonate with is being a:

  • MESSENGER who shares the messages wanting to be shared through me by allowing Spirit to inspire my writing and speaking.
  • COMPANION who journeys with you through my sharing of personal experiences, learning, and realizations in hopes that these will help you as you go through your own life’s journey.
  • GUIDE who inspires you to live the life that most resonates with you and invites you to shine your beautiful unique Light as you answer the call of Life.

But ultimately, I’m here to help you create and hold space for yourself, so you can freely explore who you really are at your core and allow your true Self to emerge.

I believe that if we all shine our beautiful unique Light and allow our true Self to emerge, we can create ripples of positive change and transformation to make this world a little more brighter for us and the generations to come.

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Thank you for choosing to shine your beautiful unique Light!