Conversation Snippet About Change

I remember having a conversation about change with a friend…

Friend: You know, sometimes I wonder why other people don’t want to change for the better. Even if they already know what to do, they still choose to continue with their old ways.

Me: I don’t know about them. But from my experience, sometimes, the cost of changing one’s self is too high. It could also be the benefit that they are getting.

Friend: Benefit? 

Me: Uh-huh. One benefit is staying on what’s familiar. It might be difficult and painful, but at least it’s a familiar kind of difficulty and pain.

Friend: True. There is a learning curve when you’re changing. And I guess for others, it’s difficult if you don’t have the grit to face the unknown.

Me: Yup! Another benefit is it’s easier to play small and not own responsibility for one’s life and for one’s choices. It’s easier to play the blame game. 

Friend: Comes with the cost of change, right? Once we start changing for the better, we can never go back. 

Me: One can try, but it’s difficult to unlearn what we already know. And from there, we can only move onward. Always onward.



I’m curious…

🤔 Is there something in your life  wherein you are being invited to change for the better?

🤔 What’s the benefit of you staying in your old ways?

🤔 What’s the cost of you not taking that next step towards change?


Keep Shining!



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