Discovering My Purpose

The gift of purpose gives your life meaning and direction.

After I finished college, my main dilemma was where to work. While I have a degree in hotel and restaurant management, I knew even before I graduated that the hospitality industry was not for me. To find direction in my career path, I asked myself the following questions:

What do I really want to do?

What do I enjoy doing?

Where do I most feel alive?

What kind of work gives me meaning and fulfillment?

I was certain about three things: a) I love writing, b) I am passionate in learning about personal growth and development, and c) I love helping and supporting others.

I knew I needed to earn money and so I decided to become a freelance writer, which led me to a home-based job as a copywriter for a US-based company that manages several online stores.

I was part of an awesome company with a culture of work hard and play harder. I worked with fun-loving, passionate, and dedicated rock stars. There was nothing more one could ask for. Still, even though I was good at what I did and enjoyed financial stability, my job did not make my heart sing and my spirit soar.

The more I discovered who I was, the clearer it became that I had to leave my job. It would be a disservice to the company, the people I worked with, and myself if I stayed knowing that my heart was not in it at all.

[Excerpt from my book, Thank Goodness I Got Lost!]

Friend, have you discovered your reason for living yet?

Have you defined your life’s purpose?

If not, I invite you to ask the same questions I asked myself all those years ago.

After all, the gift of purpose brings your life meaning and direction.

To living fully!

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