Embracing the Space of In-Between

This space of in-between really sucks!

After launching my book, I felt content and at peace.

Finally, this life-long dream of writing and publishing my book has been realized!

But now that I have crossed this off my Life List, I found myself asking, “Now what?”

I felt compelled to figure out what is the next project that awaits me.

People around me have been asking if I’m already writing my next book.

I also wondered what business would I build around my book as I see what my peers are doing.

I have no clear answer. And this greatly unsettled me.

I see the people around me being awesome and doing amazing things.

Then there is me…Resting.

Doing nothing.

Once again, I felt like I’m wasting this life gifted to me.

It seems like I’m being left behind and not progressing as swiftly as I would have liked. (Read: should have)

Internal Struggle

What the heck???

How can I hope to inspire, encourage, and empower others when I’m not even being the best me that I can be and living the best life that I can live?!

As the world continued on spinning — as the people around me got busy with their work and creative pursuits — I felt a need to create, produce, and do something.


And for what?

To feel accomplished and valued?

To feel like I’m doing something worthwhile with my life?

Is my self-worth dependent upon the work that I do?

Is my value dependent upon how busy and productive I am?

Am I not living fully and purposefully when I am not doing anything?

Holding Space for the In-Between

The internal struggle is definitely real. Loud and all-consuming.

Ironically, these questions also kept me grounded in times when I felt like succumbing to my downward spiral.

Asking these questions helped me to not get caught in the achievement trap.

Taking a deep breath, I allowed myself to feel the frustration, the jealousy, the envy.

I acknowledged the voice of my small and insecure self.

“I hear you,” I said.

“My dear Jostine, I hear you.”

It’s ugly and unbecoming. It’s a few steps backward.

And that’s okay.

Sometimes, we need to take a few steps backward so we can continue onward.

Growth, after all, is not linear.

Take a moment each day to pause, disconnect, be still, be silent, and go inside yourself. Listen to what your Spirit is saying and trust that it knows what you truly need, what's good fo

What’s Next?

As of writing this post, I still don’t have any answer.

I still don’t know what’s next.

I can honestly say though that I am now at peace with this space of in-between.

I’ll go even further and say that I am fully experiencing where I am right now.

This space is not a period of “nothingness,” but a necessary period of gestation.

And as if being at peace no matter what is happening (or not happening) is the magic key — it is — the next steps are being revealed to me as I steadily continue on my journey and discovery.

How about you?

How do you navigate this space of in-between?

Please feel free to share in the comments below. I would love to hear from you as well.

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0 thoughts on “Embracing the Space of In-Between

  1. I can relate to what you’re feeling because sometimes I, myself, is insecure of how others are going forward while I am crawling my way to make the next step. However, the space in-between is helpful to think and reflect on what you can do better. And I always tell that to myself, my inner self. Because of the space in-between and what we are doing in that duration, we can create a much better piece. Then I can say that it was indeed worth the wait. I know you’re on your way to make greater things, Jostine!

    • “the space in-between is helpful to think and reflect on what you can do better”

      I couldn’t agree more. I think the problem comes when we look at and compare our journey with others’ journey. But when we remind ourselves that we are not in a race with anyone else, then we’ll be more at peace being in this space of in-between. Cheers to you, dear Zoyee!

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