Feeling Stuck? Here are 5 Ways to Help You Get Unstuck

Are you feeling stuck in life?

The good news is that this happens to all of us. You are not alone, even if it seems like it.

The not-so-good news is that the severity of this feeling is different for each of us. Personality, temperament, biology, and environment play a role on how we cope with this feeling.

But, here’s another good news! We can do something to help ourselves get unstuck. I will not lie though. It will be difficult and challenging at first. Expect to have an epic battle with yourself.

However, once you break through the initial hurdle and take the ***small*** action steps that I’m sharing here, you will start gaining your momentum to get unstuck.

I do want to reiterate that the severity of our feelings and how we experience our feelings differ from one another. Yours are as valid as anyone else in this world.

Giving ourselves permission to be in the space we are in and being lovingly patient with ourselves are extremely important to help us get unstuck.

With that, here are five ways to help you whenever you’re feeling stuck…

1. Move your body

Though we may not have the will and energy to do so, moving our body is exactly what we *NEED* to do to help us get unstuck. Considering the Thoughts-Feelings-Behavior Connection, we now know that if we want to change one of these, we can look into changing any one of these three to start effecting change in ourselves.

Walk. Run. Dance. Jump. Exercise. Whatever it is, get your body moving and your energy flowing. I promise you, you will not only feel better, you’ll also find your mind way more clearer.

2. Disrupt your routine

We need to break the spell of Groundhog Day by disrupting our routines and doing something different. Start with doing just *ONE* thing a day. It could be as simple as using our non-dominant hand in brushing our teeth. Or it could be something unfamiliar such as learning a new skill.

Disrupting our routine breaks us out of the downward spiral we usually find ourselves in whenever we are feeling stuck. Done consistently, we’ll be injecting new energy in our days, which would help us get into an upward spiral.

3. Let your feelings out

Whenever we find ourselves feeling stuck, it means that there is something within us that needs to be acknowledged and processed. For some people, introspection, prayer, journal writing, and having healthy creative outlets are enough. But for some people and for some situations, having a person to help in processing is ***needed and necessary***.

We need to unravel where this feeling of being stuck is coming from. What would help you process this feeling? If asking for help seems daunting, start with making a list of people you could reach out to. This simple act sets the intention out in the Universe that we are getting ready to be ready to ask for help.

4. Ignite your inner spark

While some people could just get out of their funk right away, some of us are more prone to take the *SLOW AND STEADY* approach. And that’s totally okay. So if you only have the energy to browse YouTube and find something to inspire and motivate you, then that’s a good enough start. 

Surround yourself with things, people, and activities that inspire and uplift your spirit. Make it a daily habit to ***brainwash*** yourself into thinking and feeling better. This does *NOT* mean that we are denying our feelings. Rather, this is to help us experience our lives with a better and higher perspective.

5. Give yourself lots of love 

We are already our biggest critics in our normal day-to-day lives. But more so whenever we are feeling stuck. Somehow, the voice of our inner critics are magnified and playing non-stop. (At least, that’s how it is for me.)

This is precisely why we need to give ourselves lots of love and compassion especially during these times. Now this doesn’t mean that we are being lenient or lackadaisical with ourselves. It just means that we tune into what our Inner Self *TRULY* needs at the time and giving ourselves just that. Without judgment and conditions.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

What is *** ONE SMALL *** action step that you can do in the next seven days to help you get unstuck?

Share in the comments to set your intention and for extra accountability.

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