"Get Aligned" Deep Dive

Feeling stuck and needing some guidance to move forward?

Get clarity, guidance, and direction in this 90-minute exploration call.

Do any of these sounds like you?

  • “Should I quit my job and pursue something that is in line with my passion?”
  • “How can I have more work-life balance?”
  • “I feel like there is something more that I should be doing with my life, but I have no idea what it is.”
  • “I’m ready to stop playing small and live life on my own terms, but I don’t know where and how to begin.”
  • “Do I really have what it takes to follow my dreams?”

I may be able to help...

Creating safe spaces…that’s one of my superpowers!

Imagine yourself being held in a safe space where you could freely explore who you really are at your core.

A space where you could speak out loud whatever it is that is wanting to be expressed and named.

Let me hold that space for you, so you could focus on you and what’s wanting to be discovered, uncovered, and recovered at this time in your journey.

Just from a single conversation, your entire world could shift!

"Get Aligned" was created to help solve these challenges

  • It could be that you’re feeling stuck, confused, and even frustrated.
  • Perhaps you’ve tried everything that you can and, still, nothing seems to be falling into place.
  • Possibly, you’re even faced with a lot of responsibilities, too many voices, and different choices that you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Or maybe…just maybe…you just need to have one unbiased conversation with someone who will hold your possibilities, in a safe and judgment-free space.

"Get Aligned" could help you in one or more of the following

  • Get clarity, guidance, and direction to help you take that next step forward.
  • Discover your unique gifts and essence; uncover any blocks and challenges; and recover your innate power and magic.
  • Shift your perspective and see the possibilities of choosing your reality.
  • Receive the gift of courage to follow your own path, even though others may not understand or approve of it.

What You'll Receive

  • 90-minute life coaching exploration call via Zoom
  • A summary of our conversation for your reference and guide
  • A roadmap for the next 3 months that you’re committing to and holding yourself accountable for
  • 30-day email support after our exploration call
  • 45-minute debriefing call one month after our exploration call. In this session, we’ll process your learning and experience, review your progress, and celebrate you and your Becoming.

We are offering a sliding-scale payment model to make this more accessible. The current growth investment is Php 999 – 2495. You may pay what feels good and what you are able to. 

Does "Get Aligned" Deep Dive resonate with you?

Or perhaps you have some questions?

Please send me a message at hello@jostinebulan.com for the next steps.