“I hope that you don’t change” is one wish we could do without

Almost always, whenever I listen to others give their birthday wishes, “I hope that you don’t change,” or a variation of that, is mentioned at least once.

Even I have given this wish a number of times growing up.

I realized, however, that one of the only sure things we can expect to happen in this world is that everything changes.

Therefore, would it not serve others better if we encourage them to welcome and embrace change instead?

We all go through changes in our lives. Wishing someone that we hope they won’t change is (sorry to say) a wasted wish.

It’s a lost opportunity to impart someone something they could have brought with them, wherever life takes them.

I know that if I had gotten this words of wisdom growing up, I wouldn’t have had such a hard time dealing with changes in life.

Everything changes but change itself. Everything flows and nothing remains the same…You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters and yet others go flowing ever on.

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