Is It Possible Not to Suffer?

Pain, difficulties, and hardships are a given in our lives.  BUT, we definitely do not have to suffer from them.

By understanding a better way to move through the transition of your emotions, my hope and prayer is that what I have shared could help you move onward with your journey, suffering-free!


Honor the Space You Are In


First and foremost, start where you are.

One of the reasons why we suffer is because we don’t accept reality.

We wish we are not experiencing what we are currently experiencing. We wish things were different.

We kept on going back to the past and reliving that which has already passed. We kept on escaping the present moment and wish for something different.

But in order to really move forward, you must first accept where you are right now.

When we finally own and honor the space we are in, then we can move through whatever we are feeling and experiencing at the moment.


Allow yourself to feel your feelings because the only way out is through.

The more that you reject, deny, and hide from your emotions – the more they will persist and the more that they will consume you.

Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is that you are feeling at the moment.

If you are feeling angry, then feel the anger. If you are feeling sad, then feel the sadness. If you are feeling scared and uncertain, then feel the fear and uncertainty.

Whatever it is you are feeling – be present with it.

BUT make sure to give yourself a deadline!

Give yourself the time to be in that space of feeling down and low, but only up until a certain time. 


Lean into Your Emotion


“Encoded in every emotion is a message.” – Panache Desai –

Wrapped in our emotions is a sacred message from our spirit.

This is especially true whenever we are having these so-called “negative” emotions and feelings.

To uncover the message and the gift they bring, have a conversation with your emotion.

Okay, this might sound a little crazy, especially if this is the first time you’ve heard of this exercise. But it’s not.

Having a conversation with our emotions is actually a healthy way of coping and it helps us navigate the space we are in.


Go to a place where you won’t be disturbed. Get your pen and paper ready. And then ask your emotion,

“[Fear / Anger / Sadness / etc. – where are you coming from? What is the message you have for me right now? What is really going on here?”

As something arises, write them down.

Keep on asking your emotion,

“What is really going on here? Where are you coming from?”

Keep on asking and keep on writing.

The answers you will receive at first will almost always be the surface reason of the emotion. But as you continue to ask your emotion and as you continue to dig deeper, you will get to the real reason where that emotion is coming from.


It is important that you leave your judgment when you do this exercise.

You’re doing this exercise with the intention to understand where your emotion is coming from, not to judge why it is there.

At this stage, all you need to do is trust that what you are feeling at the moment is not trivial – because it never is.

Be your Curious Observer Self. Ask. Be still. Listen. Write. Repeat.

There is a message behind your emotion so lean into it, be still, and listen.




What you’ve read so far is an excerpt from an open letter I wrote this week.

I wrote this letter for three things:

  1. to share with you what helps whenever I feel down and low and not suffer;
  2. by sharing, I hope that you’ll take something to help you when you are in this state of being down and low; and
  3. to test out my new creative space!


I hosted the rest of the open letter HERE.

If what you’ve read so far resonated with you, then I believe you’ll like the rest of the letter.

In that letter, I will be sharing 8 more strategies to help you go through your emotions and experiences, without having to suffer.

You just need to sign-up* before you can gain access. Don’t worry though, it’s free!

Again, just CLICK HERE to read the rest of my love letter for you.


Peace, Love, and Light!


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