Jump! It’s Your Time

Jump, so you can...
Today, I’m inviting you to JUMP.

I believe that this season we are in right now is a great time to jump and do some of the things we’ve always wanted to do. 

Yes, we are in the midst of a crisis. But we also need to see the gifts that come with this crisis. 

I see how we, as a collective whole, are coming together and rising as one. 

More people are now speaking up and shining a light on the things, people, and systems we’ve been tolerating before. Saying enough is enough.  

We’ve been “forced” to reflect on what truly matters in life and prioritize these (as we should have been doing all along).

So, yes, this time we’ve been given to stay at home and pause our usual “busyness” is a GIFT.

Imagine the Universe telling you…

“Now is your time to jump.”

What are the things that you want to do, but haven’t tried doing yet because you “didn’t have the time”? 

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try baking? Or you wanted to try Marie Kondo-ing your living space? 

How about that YouTube channel you’ve been wanting to start? Or even unleashing your inner Picasso?

We’ve been given this time to pause and reset…so let’s do just that!

Today, I invite you to choose one thing that you’ve always wanted to do and just do it. (In the comfort of your own house, of course! *wink*wink*)

Whatever it is — JUMP!
Peace, Love, and Light!

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