Life Realizations in 2020: How I Chose to Show Up This Year

The sweetest realizations of life cannot be expressed in words.

Abhijit Naskar, Servitude is Sanctitude

This post shows 20 of my realizations about life this year.

Things I already implement, and am now fully embracing and embodying in my life:

1. It’s okay to disconnect once in a while, or for long periods at a time.

2. If I’m feeling stuck, just follow what gives me joy and tickles my curiosity. It will open the channel for Inspiration to come in.

3. Create for the sake of creating. The Work wants to be birthed into this world and It chose me as Its vessel. Create.

4. It’s okay to set my boundaries. Once set, honor them.

5. Sometimes, I’ll have to choose between two conflicting values. Choose what best resonates with me.

6. It’s okay to go against the tried-and-tested and what’s conventional.

7. I don’t have to stick to something that’s not working anymore.

What I’ve been contemplating for years:

8. The more I know, the more I realize that what I know is just the tip of the iceberg.

9. Life is about holding space for two — sometimes more — opposing “truths.”

10. Life is in seasons. In whatever season I am in, BE.

11. Growth is tiring, but oh so worth it.

Lessons I thought I already learned, but 2020 showed me a much deeper understanding:

12. Do things for the fun of it and release the outcome.

13. To surrender is to allow what is to be what it is.

14. We are all called to contribute. But contributions do come in different shapes and sizes, at different times in our lives.

15. Above everything else, show up for myself and say yes to my YES.

16. I got to open myself to receive.

17. Acceptance comes in stages.

New insights and lessons I received this year:

18. I don’t need to know the answer for every question that comes up.

19. There’s my intention behind the message that I share. And then there’s how other people are receiving the message.

20. Sometimes, it’s not about figuring things out but releasing that which wants to be released.

How about you? What lessons, insights, and realizations did 2020 gave you?

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