Models of Reality That Help Me Live in Peace

As promised from last week’s blog post, I’m going to share here the 19 empowering models of reality that I am personally adopting to help me navigate this one and only precious life I’ve been given. 

(I find these especially helpful in this difficult time we’re experiencing right now with the COVID-19 outbreak.)

But first, you might be wondering…

What is “Model of Reality” and Why It’s Important

I first heard of the term “models of reality” from Vishen Lakhiani and his book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

Simply put, a model of reality is a belief system.

You may or may not realize it, but how we are living our lives is greatly influenced by our belief system.

All of us start out being indoctrinated by others’ belief system. We take our cues from our parents, figures of authority, friends, social groups, media, society at large, and our environment. 

As we grow up, we form our own beliefs based on how we’re experiencing life. 

As we become more aware (and awake), we realize that we have beliefs that are limiting and hindering us from being our best selves and living our best lives.

And so, we tap into our power to choose beliefs that would serve and empower us.

We continuously question and update our beliefs because we know that this is the path towards growth.

However, for some, they live their lives following a belief system that has not been questioned nor upgraded since birth until the day they die. This is one of the reasons why some people cannot outgrow their circumstances and their environment.

But here’s the thing…

External World = Internal Reality

How we see and experience the world (outside of ourselves) is a reflection of our internal models of reality.

So if you believe that life is hard, then that’s what you’ll be experiencing. 

If you believe that money is evil, then you’ll somehow sabotage yourself into losing money whenever you get a hold of it.

If you believe that people are out to get you, then you’ll find yourself in the company of people who gossip and bring other people down. 

This is why choosing a more empowering model of reality is crucial.

If we want to change the trajectory of our lives, then we need to be intentional with how we’re choosing to see and experience Life. 

But don’t just stop there.

Confirm Your Models of Reality

Once you’ve chosen your models of reality, confirm it by actively finding evidences of these beliefs in your life. 

So let’s say that your new model of reality is that “I am living in abundance”

  • Confirm this by looking at ALL the areas of your life and being grateful for ALL the evidences of abundance in your life.
  • For example: you woke up healthy and well, you have a roof above your head, your breathing in air with no difficulty, you have loving relationships, you have access to food and water, etc.

Or maybe, you’re choosing to believe that “things happen for a reason”

  • This means that even when bad things happen, you actively seek for the gifts that are hidden in these seemingly bad situations.
  • Or if seeing the gift is difficult at the time it is happening, you trust that things will make sense when the time is right.

Expect that this practice will be difficult at first. This is because you’re old limiting models of reality will definitely get in the way.

Moreover, your current circumstances won’t instantly change just because you chose to believe otherwise.

But here’s the thing about choosing a new model of reality…

We’re not really aiming to change the outside world. (At the end of the day, we do have limited control.)

What we’re aiming for is to change ourselves…that no matter what we experience in life, we’ll be thriving not just merely surviving.

So stay consistent and persistent in declaring, affirming, and CONFIRMING your new empowering models of reality.

Consciously live your life through these new perspectives and see how your life unfolds!

19 Empowering Models of Reality

Now that you know the what and the why…please allow me to share with you 19 empowering models of reality that I am personally adopting into my life to help me live in peace and with ease.

Feel free to choose the ones that resonate with you. And if you have any questions about a particular model/belief, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. 

1. We live in a friendly Universe.

2. Nothing is permanent.

3. Life is beautiful.

4. Humanity is pretty amazing.

5. Everything is figureoutable.

6. All is well in my world.

7. We are co-creators with the Universe.

8. There is no cookie cutter approach to living our lives.


10. There is no failure, only lessons.

11. There is always, always, always something to be grateful for.

12. We are souls having a human experience.

13. Things happen for my highest good and the highest good of all.

14. We are here to shine and share our beautiful unique Light.

15. We are both individuals and a collective.

16. We all have a past that shaped us into who we are now.

17. I am always taken care of.

18. I am always Divinely guided, led, and inspired.

19. God has me at the palm of His hand. 

Action Time!

Now it’s your turn:

  • Do you have a model of reality that you personally find helpful and empowering? Please do share it in the comment.
  • Alternatively, what is one empowering model of reality that you are choosing to adopt in your life moving forward?

Peace, Love, and Light!

ps. As always, please help me make this world a little brighter by sharing this message with your family and friends. Thanks, love! 🥰

pps. With the COVID-19 outbreak still at its high, let us continue to strengthen our faith and keep ourselves safe, healthy, and well…Not only for ourselves, but for the collective whole. Remember, nothing is permanent. This too shall pass. 

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