New Year, New You

January is about to end. I’m curious. Did you set your new year’s resolution? Did you set your goals for this year?

If you did – how is it going so far?

No matter how big or small our new year’s resolution or goal is, each of these undertaking requires of us to level up and step into a new way of being and living.

Agree or agree?

You’ve probably heard it before. Many people want the “success” but few are willing and committed to be the person that have already achieved that success.


Yes, that is not a typo.

See, what usually happens when someone wants to achieve something in their lives is to push themselves to DO what is necessary to HAVE the results they want so they can BE (successful / rich / healthy / confident / influential / take your pick).

But what if instead of this DO-HAVE-BE model, we flip it and start with changing our BEING-ness instead of going straight for DOING the actions needed to change?


Let’s look at this model of change: BE-DO-HAVE

What this simply means is that to have the results you want to achieve, you must first get clear on WHO IS THE PERSON YOU NEED TO BE to have those results. And in getting clear on who you need to be, you can then align your actions to match this person that you’ve identified.

Allow me to share with you a little bit about myself.

As with most people, I’m afraid of public speaking. I can freely share my thoughts in writing but when it comes to speaking my thoughts out loud, I’d get tongue-tied and my mind would go blank. I get anxious when meeting with people (be it strangers, acquaintances, friends, or relatives) because I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to be an engaging and a good enough conversationalist.

That is why I am completely baffled when I felt a clear invitation by God to be His messenger. I would be completely okay with being His messenger through my writings. But no, He is also inviting me to be in front of a group of people and speak up to share His message!

(Why, Lord? Why?)

But see, I am very clear on my vision and my purpose. I want to say YES to the call of my Life.

What I want to have is to fulfill my God-given mission, which right now is to build a bigger fire and reach a bigger audience through my work and services.

Now, I will have to ask myself, who do I know builds a big fire and reach a big audience? What are their qualities? How do they show up? What is their way of being and how are they living their lives?

Right off the bat, I could say that this person is someone who shows up powerfully, confidently, and authentically. This person is someone who readily and boldly shares their message and takes advantage of available platforms to be sure that they can reach their intended audience.

This person is someone who doesn’t wait for opportunities to come to them, rather, they proactively connect with people who could benefit from hearing their message. If no opportunity is readily available, then this person creates that opportunity for themselves.

This person is someone who focuses on serving and adding value despite the many fears and negative self-talk that could be running rampant in their head.

That said, if I am seriously committed to answering the call to serve, then I need to START BEING THIS PERSON RIGHT NOW.

Even though it scares the sh!t out of me, I would have to intentionally go out, reach out, and speak up. I would have to powerfully share my message in front of a crowd. I need to stop playing small and dimming my light. I have to equip myself so I can be a more effective and engaging speaker. I need to seek mentors and surround myself with people who I can journey and grow with.

This is what I need to step into. This is my next level.

How about you?

WHO DO YOU NEED TO BE so you can get to your next level and achieve whatever it is you want to achieve?

Who is the new you that is wanting to emerge this new year?

Please feel free to share in the comments below or send me a message. I would love to hear about the new you that is wanting to emerge this new year. 😊

Peace, Love, and Light!



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