Nothing is ever wasted, so honor the contrasts in your life

This entry features lessons 2 and 3 from the five lessons I learned from getting a day job.

Honor the contrasts in your life.

This is related to what I’ve shared in the first lesson.

Sometimes, the Universe will allow us to experience contrasts.

A failure. A mistake. A wrong path.

But it’s not really a wrong path. You’re not really lost.

It’s just a contrast so that you can see that the alternative is the path for you.

I guess it’s human nature to see is to believe, right?

Although it’s definitely better to believe and then we’ll see…It is human nature to see what is to believe.

To believe what we experience.

Sometimes we are hard-headed and so Life will throw these curve balls at us just so we can really know for ourselves.

It’s like the Universe is telling us:

“This is what I’ve been telling you about. You already know it but you’re still not getting it. Okay. Let’s put this curve ball. Let’s put this contrast in your life.”

Nothing is ever wasted. Ever.

Looking back, I’m not sorry about this (online tutoring) experience.

Actually, I’m really grateful because I’m able to get back on my feet. I’m still not financially stable but I’m now able to pay my monthly bills.

At the time I’m tutoring, I’m not yet fully ready to go back to the grind of coaching. I was still recuperating. I’m still trying to up my energy level.

I just graduated my coaching client whom I journeyed with for 10 months. 10 months! That’s such a long time. Looking back, I needed the time to fill my cup so that I can serve from my overflow once again.

So yes. Nothing is really ever wasted.

Plus, there were lots of growth for me.

Because of this experience, I’ve learned how to simplify my words. What I easily get in my head, I can’t easily share to others in a simple way. So through my experience in online tutoring, I was learning how to simplify stuff and teach that to others.

I also learned the value of time. Like five minutes, I realized, is actually a long time. In five minutes, you can do many things. What more for 30 minutes, for one hour, for a whole day? And so, I now have a deeper appreciation for time.

I also learned how to relate with different types of individuals. Again, 70 people maximum in a week. Wow! Looking back, I can’t imagine that in one day, I was able to teach 14 people. That’s a lot!

This experience also reaffirmed to me that for my coaching, I prefer journeying with someone for a long time. I’m aiming for deep intimate connections rather than having quick superficial connections.

So yes. Nothing is wasted from that experience.

So many growth. So many learning.

This transcript is from a previously made video blog entry.  More related entries to follow in the next several days. Stay tuned!

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After reading, I’m curious to hear about your experience:

Think back to a situation when you felt so lost and such a failure. Looking back, how did this experience shaped you to the person you are now?

Please feel free to leave your comment below. I look forward to reading them!

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