On flowing with energy and answering Life’s invitation

I share in this week’s blog post the email I sent to my VIPs last week. This is a personal sharing on flowing with energy, saying “yes” to Life’s invitation, and trusting the unfolding. I hope that you’ll find value in reading.

Jo’s Monthly Highlights sent on January 31, 2021

Hello my love,

I’m both thrilled and anxious to send this email to you.

I’m thrilled because this is a totally new format that I’m playing around with. Exploring the unknown, even in this simple way, is one of my deep joys in life!  

But, this is what freaking scares me. I see Jo’s Monthly Highlights as the space where I share some intimate lines that I have pulled straight from my journal to give you a glimpse behind the highlight reel, so to speak. This is a different level of vulnerability for me, especially with where I am currently at in life. 

Life’s invitation is very clear, though. I feel Life inviting me to speak up. To speak about the things that truly matter. To speak about the things that bring me to tears and take up space in my mind’s wandering. I’ve been feeling a pull to give voice to my Highest Truth and how I see things.

“Speak up. SPEAK UP. SPEAK UP!!!” 

This freaking scares me because I’ve never been the person to share my opinion or speak about how I see things. In group settings, I’m that person who stays quiet, listen, and observe. I speak when asked a question. But rarely do I offer my voice without an invitation. And even more rarely do I assert my position on a matter. 

This month, my journey was to go within and get to know this voice that wants to be expressed. And with it, comes this intention to bring in the forefront the things that I’ve been exploring in the safety of my mind and journals. Things that I am not yet courageous enough to speak about. The invitation is clear, however. These things I’m hesitant and scared to share are wanting to be expressed through me this year. 

I don’t know how this will unfold. I’m just taking it one day at a time. Opening myself to Inspiration and taking those inspired actions every single day. 

This email is one of my inspired actions for today. 

I’m giving myself permission to take this small step and flow where energy is taking me.

It may not seem much right now. It may even be too early for me to share this with you. But I hope that by giving you a glimpse of my journey this month, you’ll find comfort in knowing that somewhere in this Universe, there is at least one person who doesn’t have it all figured out yet. And that’s okay. 

We’re not asked to have everything figured out anyway. 

We’re only asked to take the next best step. Or even the next obvious step. 

Flow where energy is taking you. Go where Inspiration is leading you.

The path will continue to reveal itself as you continue to move onward.

Trust that the same Divine Guidance and Leading that brought you here is, and will always be, with you as you continue on in your life’s one-of-a-kind journey.

Peace, Love, and Light!

Something to reflect on: Where is energy taking you? What is Life’s invitation for you at this time? And how are you going to respond?

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