Saying YES to Life: September Reflection

This year, I declared to the Universe that I am going to say YES to Life.

Well then, said the Universe, “Your wish is my command!”

September is now gone. But before I fully say goodbye to my birth month, I would like to pay homage by sharing with you the best lessons I received during this awesome month.

The month wherein I said lots of YES to Life.

Accepting and loving people as they are, while still challenging them to see their potential.


I am very blessed to be a part of the Institute for Integrality’s pool of Life Skills Trainers for this year’s JobStart Philippines Program.

It was my first time handling a class of 43 students. For a whole day. For 10 days.

(Oh, and most of them are males!)

If you know me, this is so outside of my comfort zone!

Having said that, I’m glad I said yes to this opportunity.

I grew a lot during this 10-day training!

One of the biggest lessons I learned in this experience is how to truly accept and love people as they are.

They don’t need to change for me to truly love and accept them.

In fact, the best way that I could help others is to love and accept them as they are.

Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered.

Wes Angelozzi

I also realized that we cannot really change someone.

We can only help them as much as how they are committed to helping themselves.

My job is to challenge them to see their potential and hold them accountable to the person that they are becoming — their very best selves.

I am there to help, support, guide, and show them the possibilities of what they could be.

But they have to take those steps themselves. Change has to come from them.

I’m so grateful to have this experience because it really tested my resolve in the path I chose.

Even though it was challenging and stressful, I felt so expansive and fulfilled.

Thank you, my dear Tribu Singko, for this very special gift you all have given me!

Being open to God’s leading and intervention, trusting that all is well and things will work out in the end. 


On September 23rd, I finally launched my book, Thank Goodness I Got Lost!

But would you believe me if I say that up to the final week before the book launch, I’m still finalizing the lay-out of TGIGL?

Seriously, that’s cutting it real close, folks!

Since I was so pressed for time, I had to let go of some things for TGIGL.

I chose to not be stressed during these last phase of book writing and publishing.

I chose to surrender and trust that God is working in the background.

Somehow, someway, things will work out in the end.

In my mind, all is well and all these are already done. 

And you know what? All things did work out in the end!

It’s not perfect by any chance.

There are things I wish I could have done and could have changed. But I also know that some of these are things I could do later on.

For the purpose of birthing and putting my message out into the world — all turned out perfectly as is.

Perfectly imperfect, as I would like to call it.

Through it all, I am just so grateful!

I was able to realize two of my unchanging dreams: to write and publish my own book, and to help even just one soul while I’m still alive!

Thank you to my book writing mentor, Sha Nacino, for creating the 90-Day Book Writing Challenge! Joining this program has jumpstarted this new chapter in my life. And for that, I am forever grateful!

Saying “yes” to opportunities, even if you think you are not yet ready.


It’s the last week of September.

The life skills training and the book launch are done.

I thought that’s it for me for September.

Imagine my surprise when the evening of the book launch, I received a text message from my friend and mentor asking about my schedule on September 27th to 29th!

It turned out that she was not feeling well. She was looking for someone to replace her to be one of the trainers for a company training. And she thought of me!

(Oh dear…)

I know I wasn’t ready. I don’t know if I have what it takes.

But even then, I decided to go for it.


Because I decided that this year, I’m going to build my “yes” muscles and show up when Life invites me to show up.

Even if my voice is quivering, my heart is racing, and my stomach is twisting and turning – I’ll say “yes” anyway, if I feel a pull towards that opportunity.

In saying “yes,” I’m broadcasting to the Universe that I’m ready to receive more, grow more, and experience more.

Of course the Universe responds accordingly!

Again, special thanks to my friend and mentor, Sha, for believing in me and trusting that I can do it.

This ends my homage to the amazing September that passed.

Reflecting on my September experiences made me look forward to even more amazing things that God has in store for me.

I’m super excited to say more YES to Life!

How about you?

Are you ready to say more YES to Life?

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