Snail’s Pace: The Growth Process

Do you feel that your growth is not fast enough?

Do you feel like you’re not growing according to the standards you’ve set for yourself?

It is so easy to feel like you are being left behind by others when you are journeying this life at a slower pace.

I experienced this.

I felt the frustration of not hitting the personal growth goals I’ve aimed for myself.

I felt the shame of not being consistent with my actions.

I went through the pattern of making a positive change, sticking to it for a while, failing to
uphold it, finding some inspiration to help me get out of the rut, resuming the positive change, then failing again.

This made me feel terrible, disappointed with myself, and hopeless again.

It took me years to truly understand and accept that bad habits and attitudes are deeply ingrained in a person. These are formed over a long period of time.

… … …


One day during a retreat I attended in college, we were given 15 minutes to walk around the grounds and meditate on the role of God as the Potter and us, His clay.

From where I sat, I saw a snail by my feet.

As I observed the small creature, I realized that God was telling me that in life, there was nothing to be anxious about. He didn’t mind that my growth pace was slow.

Eventually, I would arrive at my destination. I just had to humbly accept that where I was in my life back then was where I was supposed to be.

As I reflected, I felt God was telling me that while the snail’s shell seemed like a heavy burden to carry, it was what protected its soft body.

Similarly, the pains and hardships I experienced may feel like a big burden to carry, but in truth, they are meant to strengthen me to face life’s challenges and help me grow into my full potential.

You have to remember that you cannot rush your growth.

Just as how parents patiently watch their babies learn how to turn over, crawl, sit up, walk, and talk—you need to be patient with the pace of your personal growth.

Thank Goodness I Got Lost!Accept that at times it can be a long process.

Remember that you are a work in progress.

Changing for the better is a lifetime endeavor.

Enjoy and learn in your journey.

[Book excerpt from Thank Goodness I Got Lost!]

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