Three Distinctions to Help You in Making a Decision

Have you ever experienced being stuck in a limbo? A decision limbo that is?

Making a decision has not been and will never be an easy one. Especially if a decision is a huge one. Like life-changing ones.

I remember spending so much time going back and forth over my decisions. And even when I finally made up my mind, I still question if I had really made the right choice.

I’d like to believe that all those years of making a decision have helped hone my intuition. When before, I would spend lots and lots and lots of time going back and forth, contemplating and praying about it, asking God countless signs (even though he’s already given me bajillion signs), I can now intuit the choice that best resonates with me.

Read that again. I didn’t say right or wrong choice. Rather, the choice that best resonates with me. 

See, here’s something I also learned throughout the years of following the beat of my drums. At the end of the day, there really is no right or wrong choice. There is only the choice that best resonates with YOU.

Whatever you choose, if you end up choosing the “right” choice, great for you because you’ll reap the benefits. If you end up choosing the “wrong” choice, great for you because you’ll learn, grow, and become better because of it.

“I find that we place too much emphasis on what decisions we make
rather than how we choose to execute on our decisions.”

(Pat Lencioni)

So you see, it’s not only about making a decision. What’s more important is how you can make your decision work for you.

Having said that, I greatly understand how energy draining it is when we’re stuck in a decision limbo.

Here are three distinctions to keep in mind to help you whenever you need to make a decision:

1. Body Sensation

The best way to help you distinguish the different voices inside you is to have a meditation and mindfulness practice. Silence and stillness give space for the small still voice of your Spirit to be heard. But in case you’re not yet adept to spending time in silence and stillness, then you can simply notice the sensations in your body.

When I feel something within me is contracting or constricting, then I see that as a NO from my Spirit. Whenever I feel my heart expanding, butterflies in my stomach fluttering, and smile getting uncontrollably bigger, then I see that as a clear YES from my Spirit. 

2. Pull vs Push

Have you ever experienced pushing against something? Have you ever experienced being pulled by something? Then I want you to imagine those sensations and try to notice how one path is for you. Again, this would be clearer when you give yourself time to be still and silent. If you listen closely, you’ll feel a clear pull or a clear push.

If you do feel like you have to push yourself to choose something over another — ask yourself, “Is this worth the push? Or am I taking joy away from my life by pushing against something that is perhaps not clearly for me?” 

3. Running Away vs Running Towards

This is the part wherein you need to be brutally honest with yourself. Check with Inner <Your Name Here> and simply ask, “In choosing this, am I running away from something? Or am I running towards something?” Are you running away because of fear? Or are you running towards growth, clarity, and purpose?

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that reason is for our highest good and benefit. If you find yourself in similar situations, no matter how many times you’ve changed paths, you might want to ask yourself if you’ve been running away from something. And if the answer is yes, then perhaps it’s high time to stop running away and instead ask what’s the lesson you need to learn here.

Next time you need to make a decision, I invite you to play around with these distinctions. See what comes up for you. 

And remember, rather than spending your valuable time and energy making a decision, focus more on how you can make your choice — any choice — work for you.

Don’t spend too much time in decision limbo. Choose what best resonates with you and commit to make it work, no matter what. 

Peace, Love, and Light!

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