We Are All Called To Be Messengers

This message came through to me during my morning meditation:

“I feel like Inspiration is a living, breathing entity. Maybe not in a literal sense. But I do feel that Inspiration is alive.

It seeks those who are ready to answer the call.

Inspiration knocks on the doors of our being. It waits curiously if the vessel would welcome Inspiration and allow themselves to be co-creators and messengers of that which wants to come through.

Sometimes, the message is so big and so vital that it has to be shared no matter what.

And so, if Inspiration knocked and the chosen vessel did not answer, Inspiration will move on to the next vessel and to the next. Until someone says Yes to the call.

There are instances, however, wherein a particular message has to be shared by a specific individual.

And that is why, at times, we feel a certain stirring deep within our soul. A yearning. A desire. A dream that follows us in our waking moments.

It could also be this sharp and intense probing in our gut. An unexplainable feeling of unease, as if our hearts want to jump out of our body. Throats seemingly expanding. Mouths moving restlessly, as if something is just wanting to come out and be set free.

These are all invitations for you to take notice of that which is wanting to be expressed through you.

“Why me,” you may ask.

Because no one else in this world could express that specific message but you. With your unique experiences, perspective, and energy.

Being a messenger is not something only for the chosen few.

We are all called to be messengers.

This doesn’t mean that we are all called to stand on a big stage and speak to a large audience.

Rather, we are called to be messengers in our beautiful ordinary lives.

Perhaps the message wanting to be shared through you is meant to be received by a family member, a friend, or even a stranger we “randomly” meet on the street.”

Final Words

I hope that this message finds its intended audience.

If this is you…

The question I now leave you is this:


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