What I Do Whenever I Get Triggered

Here are the five things that I do whenever I get triggered:

1. Notice that I have been triggered.

2. Breathe and give myself the space to respond more mindfully and consciously.

3. Allow what is and accept reality.

4. Be with whatever arises in me.

5. Receive the gifts that come with the triggering situation.

In this video, I will share with you what happens and what I do whenever I find myself in triggering situations.

After watching the video, I would love to hear from you as well.

  • What have you found most helpful in dealing with triggering situations?
  • What do you do whenever you get triggered?


In doing this, we are not condoning or excusing the other person, or what happened.

This is not to dismiss and to “just get over” the situation. We are not denying reality. And, more importantly, we are not doing this to reject our feelings and invalidate our experience.

Doing this creates the space to respond more mindfully and consciously. As opposed to just reacting in the moment, which could get destructive instead of constructive.

This does not mean that we are being passive.

These triggering situations give us the opportunity to heal, to grow, and to rise above the situation.

I also believe that we are breaking the cycle of hate in this world whenever we respond more mindfully and consciously.

We create the space to bring in more love, kindness, compassion, understanding, and empathy in this world.

Dealing with a triggering situation is an invitation for us to look within and examine:

  • Where in our lives are we being invited to grow and evolve?
  • What else needs to be released?
  • What is ready and wanting to be healed?


In such cases, please do reach out to professionals who are trained to help people who have experienced traumatic events.

Peace, Love, and Light!

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