What It Means to Surrender

This year, more than ever, I felt Life calling me to surrender fully.

While this is still a journey of discovery for me, I have come to a deeper understanding of what it means to truly surrender.

Of course, I could be wrong about all these.

My own journey has led me to different teachers and perspectives.

I find myself growing each day. But along the way, I’m also realizing that the more I know, the more that there is still to know. At the same time, I’m finding myself being at peace with the not knowing and in the acceptance of “I really don’t know.”

So my invitation to you, dear readers, is to read this post with an open heart but don’t just take my word (or other people’s word) for it.

Let this start — or deepen — your own journey of surrendering. And then see what will unfold for you.

1. Is it being passive?

No. When we surrender, we allow what is to be what it is. We do not fight, reject, and deny the what is. This allowing gives us the space to be fully present in the moment. It grounds us so that we can participate in our lives in a more positive and constructive way.

2. Is it giving up control?

No. When we surrender, we acknowledge that there are things that we are in control of and there are things that are outside of our control. This distinction helps us to realize that our power lies in focusing on what we can control — mostly ourselves and how we respond — and allowing the rest to unfold as is.

3. Is it being pessimistic?

No. It’s seeing things as they are — neither good nor bad — and then choosing to see in a higher perspective. We are choosing to believe that all things are unfolding for our highest good and the highest good of all. This empowers us to respond positively and constructively, no matter what is happening (and not happening) in our lives.

4. Is it giving up?

No. Surrendering is giving in to a Higher Power. We do the best that we can and make the most of what we have been dealt with. And then, we leave the rest to Life’s unfolding. Rinse and repeat. To surrender is to love life, live life, and serve life as we are continuously called.

5. Is it not doing anything?

In a sense, partly. We are being invited to do what we can and do our part in engaging with the world. But surrendering is also a call for us to focus first on our Being-ness. Resting in our awareness and being one with Life. For it is when we are aligned and congruent with Life that we are able to fully engage with peace, love, and light.

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