When You’re Feeling Down and Low…Be Still

This week, it’s gonna be a video blog:

In this video, I shared with you a process that has helped me navigate my feelings of depression, frustration, loneliness, and other not-so-good feelings.

What can you do when you’re feeling down and low?

  1. Be still with your emotion
    • Be gentle with yourself.
    • Acknowledge and accept where you are right now without judgment.
    • Be with your emotion but do not be your emotion.
  2. Give yourself permissions
    • Give yourself permission to be in that space you are in.
    • Give yourself permission to take yourself out of there.
    • Give yourself permission to do one small action at a time.
  3. Do a release work
    • Find what works best for you as long as it doesn’t hurt you or other people.
    • Don’t expect yourself to be okay overnight.
    • When you release, RELEASE!
  4. Bring yourself back to love
    • Forgive yourself and remind yourself that you are enough, worthy, loved.
    • List down what you are grateful for.
    • Celebrate the person you are now and recognize that you are a work in progress as much as you are perfect, whole, and complete.
  5. Start over and start where you are right now
    • Recognize that where you are right now is not the same space where you were in before.
    • Ask, “what is the gift I am receiving right now?”
    • Challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before.

Key Points that have been implicitly and explicitly shared:

* The more that you go through this process of being still with your emotions–> giving yourself permissions–> doing a release work –> bringing yourself back to love –>starting over and starting where you are right now, the more you are building your resiliency and confidence in yourself. In time, you’ll be able to go through that cycle of being in a “negative” space and shifting into a more “positive” space, in a much faster pace.

* While there is nothing wrong with what you are feeling, you might still feel a need to forgive yourself for feeling this way, just so you can fully release those feelings. Another powerful practice that you can do right now is to stop apologizing for your emotions and feelings. Acknowledge and accept, without a need to judge, deny, or reject these feelings and emotions.

* When you ask God for help and guidance, He is already answering you — but maybe not in the form you are expecting. So be open in recognizing and accepting the different ways that God may be answering you. And often, He is answering through the people and “divine coincidences” in your life.

* As someone who is in the service of helping people, I recognize that I can only help those who are ready to receive help. I can only help someone as much as they are willing to help themselves. So believe and trust that there are people around you who are ready and willing to help. But you do have to take that courageous step of asking for help.

* Allow a trusted person to see you in your brokenness, who will not judge you but lift you up. If you can’t find one in your immediate network, find a coach, mentor, or counselor.

I hope this week’s blog post is of value to you.

Please do share this with someone whom you know is feeling depressed, lonely, empty, or lost. Thank you!

Your Inner Peace Coach,


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