When You’re Feeling Down and Low…

Be still with your emotion
  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Acknowledge and accept where you are right now, without judgment.
  • Be with your emotion, but do not be your emotion.
Give yourself permissions
  • Give yourself permission to be in that space you are in.
  • Give yourself permission to take yourself out of there.
  • Give yourself permission to do one small action at a time.
Do a release work
  • Find what works best for you, as long as it doesn’t hurt you or other people.
  • Don’t expect yourself to be okay overnight.
  • When you release, RELEASE.
Bring yourself back to love
  • Remind yourself that you are enough, worthy, and loved.
  • List down what you are grateful for and why you are grateful for them.
  • Celebrate the person you are now and remember that you are a work in progress as much as you are perfect, whole, and complete.
Start over, wherever you are right now
  • Recognize that where you are right now is not the same space you were in before.
  • Ask, “what is the gift I am receiving right now?”
  • Challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before.

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