Year End CHECK IN: Honor Your Feelings

Last week, we started the Year End CHECK IN with taking a look back at your most significant wins, successes, and accomplishments…and celebrating them. If you have not yet done this exercise, you can check it out here.

This week, you are being invited to check in with yourself and see if there are any intense feelings of hurt, pain, anger, fear, etc. that you’re still harboring until now. 

The invitation is here for you to finally release the heaviness of carrying these painful feelings, so that you can start anew in 2019. 

Before you can release these feelings, of course, you need to acknowledge and accept them first. 

I understand that it’s much easier to bury these feelings and forget that they even exist. But the thing is, the more that you deny and hide, the more that these will pester, run, and even ruin your life.

Are you ready to face your feelings and honor the gifts they have brought into your life? (There is a gift, believe me. You just have to take a deeper look.)

CHECK IN 2: Honor Your Feelings

  1. Ask yourself, “where in my life am I still hurting?” List them all down.
  2. For every area, ask yourself, “where is the [pain / fear / jealousy / anger / etc.] coming from?” Continue to ask yourself this question at least 5 times or until the answer you give remains the same for 3 consecutive times.
  3. What realizations, insights, or new discoveries about yourself did you gain from doing this exercise?

If you’re feeling moved, please feel free to share your answers in the comment. 

Peace, Love and Light!

ps. Come back here next Friday to know your next set of CHECK IN questions. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, so you can be updated through your inbox.

pps. If this exercise has been valuable for you, please share with your family and friends. Let no one in your circle be left behind.


Year End CHECK IN: Celebrate Your Wins

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