You are Invited to Channel God’s Work

We are all invited to channel God’s work in our lives.

And no, this work doesn’t have to be something grand or world-changing. 

We just need to bring lots of love in whatever work we are doing.

See our work and see ourselves as part of this big Cosmos.

Whether we intend it or not…

We are all interconnected and we are all creating ripples.

So my invitation to you, beautiful shining soul…

Will you open yourself to receive Divine Inspiration and allow God’s Spirit to work through you, so you may channel God’s work into this world? 

Now, more than ever, we are in an opportune time to create ripples of positive change and transformation in our world.

Start with yourself. And as you start shining your Light and channeling God’s work in your life, you will naturally inspire the people in your circle of influence to shine their Light as well.

This is how we change the world. One beautiful shining soul at a time.

Together, let’s shift the energy of our planet by bringing in more love into this world through our Beingness and the work we are doing.

Peace, Love, and Light!

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